Physical Therapy Options For Homebound Patients


When hiring a home care live-in aide, the need for occupational therapy will influence the type of aide you hire. Options range from a personal care aide to a registered nurse. These home care professionals can complement or replace outside or in-home physical therapist visits.  When deciding on physical therapy options, you should consider:  type of therapy required (geriatric, rehabilitative, light motion exercise therapy) mobility of patient and transportation options  in-home therapy options cost of therapy  Physical Therapy Visits 

8 September 2020

4 Ways to Get Rid of Lead-Based Paint in Your Home


Many years ago, most homes had walls and other features that were painted with lead-based paint. At that time, it was unknown that peeling and chipping lead-based paint could cause a variety of different health problems to those who resided in these homes. Fortunately, now that lead-based paint has been found to be a health hazard, it is no longer used for painting indoors in homes. However, there are still many homes that were built during the time that lead-based paints were used.

14 July 2020

Is It Time For Your Spouse To Live In A Senior Memory Care Community?


Probably one of the hardest things you and your spouse will face will be the challenges of being old. Whoever said that the senior years are the golden years was probably very young. Whoever said, Old age is not for sissies hit the nail on the head. At least that's true for many senior citizens. Perhaps your spouse is one of those who has been living at home with dementia or Alzheimer's disease.  When you married for better or for worse, taking care of a spouse with great challenges was probably far from your mind.

6 January 2020

4 Services The In-Home Caregiver You Hire For Your Elderly Parent Should Offer


An in-home caregiver can make sure that your elderly parent is well cared for when nobody else is around to keep an eye on them. In addition to prescription medication management and basic healthcare services, the senior home care services you decide to hire for your parent should offer: Meal Planning, Prepping, and Feeding Your parent's new in-home caregiver should be able and willing to plan and prepare your parent's meals for them throughout the week, and even feed them if necessary.

9 August 2019

4 Benefits of Senior Home Care


If you have an older adult in your life, you may want to ensure this individual gets the best care. This may mean obtaining in-home senior care for this person. There are many things an in-home provider can do that will drastically improve the quality of life for seniors. Knowing ways that a professional service can help your loved one is certain to be helpful. 1. Assist with daily chores

19 April 2019

Home Health Aide Or Nursing Home Care? 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing


Choosing between hiring a live-in health aide and moving into a nursing home is a major, life-altering decision. Whether making the choice for yourself or someone you love, careful consideration of all variables is in order, to ensure the right decision is made and the most appropriate care is obtained. You have many questions to ask yourself, the answers to which should reveal the path you need to take. 1. What Level of Medical Care Is Needed?

4 September 2018

Use Your Nose To Determine If An Elderly Parent Needs Home Care


Often, the adult children of senior citizens will use a variety of means to determine if their parents require in-home care. For example, you might simply talk to your parent to determine how easily he or she is managing living independently. In more severe cases, a parent's emergency room visit because of taking an incorrect dosage of medication can indicate that in-home care is needed. Don't shy away from using the power of your scent to help indicate whether in-home care may benefit your parent.

5 April 2018